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Faith in Action Magazine

"The earth needs to be flooded by a mighty deluge of Catholic and Marian literature, written in every language and reaching every country, so as to drown in the waves of truth all those voices of error that have been using the printing press as their most powerful ally. The globe must be encircled by the words of life in printed form, so that the world may once again experience the joy of living."  

Father Maximilian Kolbe













About us
Faith in Action is a traditional Catholic magazine that is dedicated to bringing the Truths of our Catholic Faith into our everyday lives. We are dedicated to exposing the problems of our society that can be healed through the teachings and traditions of our Holy Mother Church.

Faith in Action magazine provides an honest and insightful view of current issues that are disturbing our Catholic Faith. We strive to teach fellow Catholics and all people what to be aware of and how to protect yourself and families from Modernism and other worldly evils of our culture that threatens our salvation.

In addition, this  publication's purpose is to restore a deep spiritual life in those striving to restore our precious Catholic Faith.  It is filled with classic writings of the Saints, holy priests and religious to build the spiritual life of the Catholic faithful. 

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For questions about or to order the FAITH IN ACTION magazine, feel free to contact us at:

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Subscription rate is $17.00 per year (postage included).  Foreign rate: $24.00 per year (postage included). 

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Faith in Action is a quarterly magazine

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